2014 Young Filmmakers Camp


Young Filmmakers


July 7-18 & July 28-August 8
University High School, South Campus
3220 Sacramento Street (at Lyon), San Francisco
Enrollment limited to 15 students per session
Students must bring their own lunch.

This intensive film program is an opportunity for teens to learn from first-class film professionals in a fun, interactive, small-group environment. Aspiring filmmakers can enroll in in either the 2-week Starter Lab or the 2-week Advanced Lab-or take both for a full four weeks of total film immersion.

Starter Lab

July 7-18
Ages 14-18

$1200 SFFS members/ $1400 general

This intensive two-week program is great for beginning and intermediate filmmakers or any teen looking to enhance their craft and storytelling skills. In Week 1, students will take part in the Learning Lab, where they will learn screenwriting, cinematography, sound, editing and more (see Learning Lab class descriptions below). In Week 2, students will participate in the Production Lab, where they will collaborate on the writing, production and editing of a short movie. Working together on every aspect of moviemaking and sharing roles on set, participants will conceive and create a group project of their choosing in just five days. Final films will be screened for all students and their family members on the last day of the camp session. Learning Lab instructors: see below; Production Lab Instructor: Jason Wolos.

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A limited number of scholarships are available. To apply, click here.

Advanced Lab

July 28-August 8
Ages 14-18

$1200 SFFS members/ $1400 general

Already have some filmmaking experience? Worked on sets before? For students who feel they have a grasp of the basics, the Advanced Lab is an opportunity to put their skills and creativity to the test. In this two-week production workshop, students will jump right in on day one, writing and planning short group projects to be shot and edited in the span of the ten-day program. Advanced technical and creative filmmaking techniques will be covered. Instructor: Jason Wolos.

Prerequisite: Attendance in previous SFFS Young Filmmakers Camp sessions (including the 2014 Starter Lab). Teens with other filmmaking experience may be eligible; contact SFFS Education at 415-561-5040 or education@sffsorg  to discuss eligibility. 

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A limited number of scholarships are available. To apply, click here.

Learning Lab Classes

What's in a Movie?
Instructor: Jason Wolos
Filmmaker Jason Wolos will take students on a backstage tour of the filmmaking process. How do the different elements of filmmaking- picture, sound, editing, lighting, special effects, directing- each play a part in the viewer experience? Using one of his own films as a case study, Wolos will demonstrate and investigate how films are constructed, who creates them and how they manage to affect audiences.

Creating Memorable Characters
Instructor: Lisa Rosenberg
Ever wonder how a writer is able to develop characters that seem to live and breathe, whether in literature, on film or in graphic novels? This screenwriting workshop will explore how strong, complex and compelling characters are created in each of these mediums. Students will engage in conceptual and writing exercises geared toward creating their own characters and will have the opportunity to write and share scenes that include them.

Shooting Digital Video
Instructor: Shane King, Jason Wolos
Learn to use an HD or SD camera to its maximum potential. This crash course will cover the basic operations and artistry of DV cameras through in-class shooting assignments, audio recording techniques and practical tips. Students are encouraged (but not required) to bring their own video camera.

Sound Essentials
Instructor: Dan Olmsted
Sound can make or break your film. This hands-on class assists beginning and intermediate filmmakers with field recording and related sound issues. Learn about boom technique, microphones and recording devices, strategies for recording in different weather conditions, choosing and troubleshooting locations and organizing postproduction recording.

Aesthetics of Editing
Instructor: Holen Kahn
Learning the technical aspects of editing is just the first part of the process; the next step is determining how to make the best editing choices and how to develop an artistic eye. This class investigates the many competing issues that editors must keep in mind when cutting a film.


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